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Community Networking

I read this article from The Entrepreneur online long ago on community vs. networking. And it stuck in my head. It's something I do every day. You do it every day also. Think about the first day of your first professional job - and then think before that. Meeting people and networking was what we did. Think of LinkedIn live! We put ourselves out there and made connections to grow our network - sometimes even to advance our careers. Here is the WOW, yet while the overall concept isn't wrong, the way we often go about it is!

Networking isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. It’s helped me grow many companies and build my brand. BUT when we approach networking solely with a mindset of “What’s in it for me”, it becomes less about value and more about selling yourself. Yuck! That is not what we want. We always always always want to bring value to the table. Whether you are helping someone with their social media posts, volunteering, and/or helping organize a community event, etc.

Before you build community and network - you need to look inward. Start by getting to know yourself. This will help you build great relationships.

I know some people dread networking! Let us help you find meaningful relationships within your industry. These connections will help you grow and refer your business to others. Networking is our thing! Do you need some network mentoring?

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