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Dedication and Training

Coming together as a family and coming together as a team. That is what happened this past weekend when some from Region ATA came together for the first time in a long time. My client and their team simply inspires me! There is a lot you can gain by working together. There are usually many people with different skills. But their important thing is how they come together and showcase each other’s abilities. True team cohesion if I have ever seen one!

Friday, June 4 they checked in and as a team had a great intentional moment. Pre pandemic it was commonplace to meet and compete, this past weekend was special! First time in a long time coming together, like a large family reunion with great competition. Congratulations to Chief Master Patti Barnum and Team: Nathan Coglianese, Carly Hogan, Chris Pajdzik and Sally Hines. Together they received Second Place in Combat Weapon Sparring and took First Place (District Champions) in Traditional Sparring. This recognition will find them at the World Championships in Phoenix at the end of July competing for distinction and greatness. This team has trained really hard and will focus on the areas they each are best at all while projecting a positive image through embracing the core values of martial arts and its character building qualities. Congratulations team, what good matches and what great skills you all have!

Saturday, June 5 Ann Coglianese took Second Place in Combat Weapon Sparring and First Place in Traditional Sparring – as the District Champion in the Mid America Region (Indiana, Illinois Wisconsin, Michigan). Ms. Ann goes on to compete for World Championship in Traditional Sparring at the end of July at the Championships in Phoenix. What an honor! All your hard work, hours of practice and application! Good luck to you as you descend on the World Championship.

Training in Martial Arts is an art and an act of dedication regardless of the movements you choose. Some arts will require more time than others. Each require refinement of one’s consciousness through meditation. Body and mind are fused as one, spirit and matter united.

Congratulations to all! I enjoyed the lives! Good matches, great skills and great job to all!

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