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Email Marketing Is A Thing

Sending emails to your customer is an easy way to communicate with your customers and keep them informed with what is happening with your products & services.

It would be my recommendation to craft a message to your email list that you are still here and still open and ready to be of service! BUT instead of sending this out through your .com email address – import your customer list into Mailchimp and/or Constant Contact. Mail Chimp for example has a free product that you can email up to 2,000 contacts with 1 audience (meaning 1 giant list). OR if you use a WIX website - they have a email marketing and contact list area that can be used as part of your package.

Using a tool built for email marketing will allow you to see 1) how many “bounce back” meaning – are no longer valid email addresses (great way to clean up your list for people who have quit their job, retired, etc.) 2) see your open rate – how many people open your email 3) see your click throughs – meaning how many people click on the website link you will include, etc. It is a much more robust and efficient way to communicate with your customers and prospects.

What are your plans for email marketing for your small business?

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