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Importance of Google My Business

Google has the largest search market share – so you are going to want to spend time in and on the Google My Business product. If you don't have a listing it's easy to begin the request through their mailed postcard verification process. If you already have a Google My Business Listing - try to remember how you logged in to get to it. Starting a new one - when one is already there - confuses the Google search algorithm. That is why you always want to "take over" or "claim ownership" if you see your Google My Business listing out there. Many times marketing companies start these for small businesses - but never hand over the reigns. (Acorn Marketing By Design doesn't work that way - by the way!)

Google has the industry leading search algorithm (the set of rules by which content is served up to people searching for stuff). The reason why I will want you to spend time here – is that it has the largest market share worldwide by quite a margin. If you want to get found and served up in search it's important to have an updated Google My Business Listing.

Spend time in Google My Business. Add your logo, posts weekly, update address, hours, photos, add a video, touch every area with fresh content and images - on a regular basis. Include a feature video and a cover photo. Keep posting on a weekly basis at minimum.

So, who here is ready to begin their spring cleaning and get your Google My Business listing in order?

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