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Importance of Pinterest

Are you pinning or are you a pinner?

Does your business have a presence on Pinterest yet? If not you should consider getting on this network. While Pinterest does not directly contribute to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it is one of the fastest growing Social Networks with a pretty large user base. Pinterest has terrific potential for all types of businesses.

The reason many businesses use Pinterest's most powerful feature is its potential for traffic generation. In addition to website traffic Pinterest is another platform that provides Brand Recognition and Customer Service. If you are still not convinced here are a few reasons why you should be using Pinterest in your Marketing Strategy.

  1. Bringing more traffic to your website

  2. Getting discovered through Google searches

  3. Increasing the longevity of your content

  4. Making sales

  5. Increasing the reach of your products or services

A key advantage of Pinterest for business is that it helps to keep companies informed. Pinterest makes it easy to see what’s trending right now. So Pinterest is perfect if you need to know what’s hot – and not. Call us today and we can talk you through how to get set up!

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