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Let Them Know You Are Human

I admit to being somewhat robot like online – especially in my Tribune days. Any robots out there? Don’t be shy… it is ok!

I suggest to let your audiences see a softer side of you. This means interacting on your social media accounts often. This does not mean just throwing up a link to your article and hoping someone will read it or click on it. This means really getting on there and interacting with everyone. Respond to posts from your audience and interact when they show interest. Show them who you are, and your audience will feel more connected to you - and they will want to read other articles you have written and/or visit your website on a regular basis.

The idea is to connect with your audience and make them feel connected to your brand. Only when your audience feels connected to your brand will they want to learn more about it. People want to do business with people they like and trust. Stop being a robot and let them get to know YOU!

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