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Marketer At Heart

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Jennifer Cosenza of Munster is a people person. Her outgoing, cheery personality has definitely been an asset in her role as marketing director and office and accounting manager at Brown Insurance Group in Highland. She’s sociable in person and has also helped her employer grow through the power of social media. She’s been with Brown Insurance Group since September 2017. She’s worked for the longtime business, dating back to 1946. She has enjoyed reintroducing the brand through different marketing strategies, including digital campaigns, events, publications and social media. Her job also entails a number of accounting functions and office duties, and she oversees a staff of five. “Throughout my career, I have always had to reset my goals and objectives to ensure that they are relevant,” she noted. “As someone who has singlehandedly changed countless businesses and steered them towards success, I was not only responsible for making tough decisions, but also had to ensure that they were in the best interest of the company. I still do that today with every decision that’s made with accounting and marketing for Brown Insurance Group, etc.” Cosenza said she’s always been a marketer at heart. “There aren’t many things that give me as much joy as helping and seeing a business grow,” Cosenza noted. She began in the field over 25 years ago as a corporate planner. Cosenza also used her knowledge and experience to introduce Level Right Concrete with her longtime boyfriend, Joe Soucie. She is the chief marketer and sales partner with Level Right Concrete. “Marketing is truly an exciting and interesting field to be in. Few other careers can offer a combination of so many different disciplines from psychology to art to statistics, all packaged together into one role. I love that,” she said. “I also think marketing is always going to be one of the most vital functions of a business. Without attracting customers, a business could not survive for very long. It’s my passion.” The Marion Catholic High School and Robert Morris University Chicago graduate is an active volunteer. She is involved with Munster Lions Club, Munster Junior Woman’s Club and Choice Community Council in Munster. She’s also a board member for the South Shore Arts, Lakeshore Community Concerts and Munster Chamber of Commerce. “I feel the benefits of volunteering are enormous for me. Volunteering offers vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes and the community, but I think the benefits are even better for me, the volunteer. I have found new great friends, I have connected with the community and have gained new skills,” said Cosenza. “I love to volunteer because it’s not what you give, but what you get in return. Where there might have been despair in one person, to see that replaced with hope is a gift beyond words. It makes my heart smile.” She said that she and Soucie often volunteer together. “It’s something we do together to give back to our community,” she said. Cosenza is a 2019 Northwest Indiana Influential Woman finalist; the winners will be announced in September. She has been invited to Facebook’s headquarters in California to talk about community integration online and offline. She also is a guest speaker at WJOB 1230-AM radio twice a month when she talks about social media. When she isn’t on the clock or volunteering, she likes to spend time cooking, reading and traveling.

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