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Mobile Is Where It's At

The first step in developing a mobile strategy is to understand just what a mobile strategy is. Some small businesses think mobile means logistics and shipping. But, to your millennial customer base, mobile is no longer moving products - it’s a lifestyle.

Mobile is about communicating with people on their mobile devices. But you probably already knew that. What you may not know is how to do it, or why it’s so important. Let’s deal with both of those questions, starting with the “why.” It was roughly two decades ago that the rush for every business was to have a website. Nobody was quite sure what to do with their website, but they knew they had to have one. Web sites did a lot of things for small businesses, some used them as storefronts or ways to share content or advertise themselves. Fast forward to 2021, we are a long way from the advent of the internet. In fact, we know exactly what’s happening right now. What’s happening is that using a mobile phone for our day to day activities has taken over!

The writing on the wall is clear. Mobile isn’t the future — it’s the present. It’s already upon us, and small businesses are finding new ways to connect with existing customers and draw in potential ones.

What a “mobile strategy” is for is to draw out a way to connect with these customers on the devices that keep them connected. If you join with them in the place they connect with the rest of the world, you keep yourself relevant in their fast-paced lives.

In all, Americans check their phones a total of 8 billion times a day. If you’re not on their phone, you’re missing 8 billion chances a day to connect with the people who keep your business going. Do you have a web site optimized for mobile? Is your shop formatted to show up on mobile? Do you have an app? Do you use digital coupons? You have a lot of options, but the basics of mobile are simple: engage your customers in a personalized way, on the device they spend most of their time with! Think about how you use your phone. Call me and let's talk about making sure your mobile strategy is rock solid!

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