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Setting Goals

Today I am going to talk about goal setting so that we all can achieve the goals we set out for ourselves. I am a huge fan of the SMART Goals system. It’s a great way to identify your goals so you are more likely to achieve them. Think of these elements: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound. Write out what you want to accomplish through each goal element and find ways to measure your progress so you can achieve your goals. AND be realistic, meaning set a time frame you’d like to achieve these goals based on your schedule.

The biggest effort is understanding the reason why we set goals. Many are going to answer this question differently. The quick answer is because they mean something to you. It’s good that your goals have personal connections, meaning you are more likely to see them through and stay motivated during the process. Hold yourself accountable by writing down completion dates. I know it’s difficult to stay on track. Calendar reminders might be just the trick to review where you are with your goals on a weekly basis. Or asking a friend and/or colleague to check in with you for regular updates. No matter what you do – the effort is still the same. Staying on track with your goals will result in the achievement of your goals!

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