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Social Media Path

Today social media is about more than marketing, it's about planning and being methodical about what you say about your small business. Social media is evolving to impact many elements of the customer experience and 85% of consumers say the experience a company provides online is as important as the product and services itself. Marketing, sales and service can all deliver meaningful customer moments and engagement from a social platform.

  • Review Objectives & Guidelines: Break down silos and connect social media across marketing, sales and service.

  • Competition & Social Channels: Be there with relevant content for your customers on the platforms they use the most!

  • Document & Monitor: Get insights you need to improve your marketing!

A dedicated social media strategy may seem non essential to many businesses today. BUT brand like Visit Indiana have demonstrated success by using social media to listen, share and engage with their audiences. If you are looking to build an effective social media strategy, think about the areas for online success.

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