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Use Hashtags Often

Hashtags are in these days. Have you noticed? Everyone is using them to bring more people to their blogs or websites AND social media posts. Using hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, etc. will help bring more people onto your social media accounts and your website - but use them carefully. Don't finish every post with 15 unrelated hashtags. #hashtagsarein #dontbethatguy

Question: Who uses hashtags in their posts? In December I had an Elf on the Shelf campaign running for my business and I am using the tagline #ElfOnTheShelf and my insights show that my people reached, engagements and shares are really high! I am capitalizing on it’s a popular topic this time of year AND showcasing my business!

A study by Buddy Media had some interesting findings. Tweets with one or two hashtags had 21% higher engagement than ones with more hashtags. Similarly, posts with 9 hashtags on Instagram get significantly higher interactions according to Sprout Social.

Think about your hashtag strategy and plot out some great key words to strengthen your posts for search! Hashtags have the power to include your message along with any topic of conversation - right beside the most influential thought leaders! Think of some you can include today!

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