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Video 2021

Brands can no longer post written words and images alone. Internet consumers are experiencing live streaming video, augmented reality and more. Video marketing is a $135 billion industry. Brands everywhere are realizing the value of video and investing in its creation and distribution.

YouTube is used extensively by people of all ages every day. And TikTok has risen rapidly to become the 7th more followed social platform. Facebook and Instagram are also leading platforms to showcase your video. Your audience will be using or at least consume video on at least one of those social platforms. It is important that you put together a video strategy customized to suit the potential customer and platform. Here are some tips for success:

  • Plan your video content, it’s great to talk off the cuff, but having notes and a good idea on what you want to convey is helpful.

  • Be sure it matches your overarching social media objectives, remember to align with your product, cause, etc. mission.

  • Use a steady camera, I have shaky hands and using a tripod for me is great.

  • Consider purchasing an external microphone, remember to listen carefully to your playback, as sometimes your voice can sound like you are in the bathroom!

  • Edit your video to showcase a polished product, this is the opportunity to add music, text, etc.

  • Most important – include a call to action, ask people to call you, go to your website, give them a reason to take the next step.

Call me (219.806.5221) and let's talk about how you can take video to the next level for your small business and/or non-profit!

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